Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Rick's Rants: Collecting Information


I walk in. I get what I want. I pay for what I want. I walk out.

That is the ideal order of things for me. When I'm not shopping with my wife, that is a possibility. But there's been something new going on that has prevented my solo shopping trips from being so swift and succinct.

Apparently I am so desired that ladies at the check out counters ask me for my phone number and email address. I guess that's why they call it the check out counter.

Alas, since I am a happily married guy, I'm not sure I need to be giving out all this information just so I can purchase a tube of toothpaste. Maybe I don't want all your emails telling me of another made-up female holiday for which my wife would be extremely grateful if I bought her tubs of lotion. I'm looking at you, Bath & Body Works!

Just like in every other area of life, I would appreciate jumping through less hoops and just give me the good price. I shouldn't need a card or a code or a swirling blue light in order to find a good price. And I really don't think a sale should be based on whether or not I am willing to give you my digits.

Just let me buy my toilet paper and go!

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