Monday, March 17, 2014

Ministry Monday: My Unique Voice

When I first started adding Ministry Monday to my blogging schedule, I wondered if it would become like some of my other themes on my blog. Would it run for a while and then disappear? Would it be like my God First, Man Second series? Remember those? Or would it fizzle like Rick's Rants? Perhaps.

I think my biggest fear when I started writing about youth ministry was that I would be seen as a fraud...a hack....a shadow of a real youth pastor who had nothing unique to offer. Yeah, I can be pretty harsh with myself. (If you've ever thought I had placed high expectations on you, you have no idea what goes on inside my head.)

I knew if I was going to post every Monday about some youth ministry insight, that would mean I would have to have 52 different insights this year. Yes, the thought quickly overwhelmed me. 52 different insights?!? Who do I think I am? I'm not (enter big youth ministry name here). It doesn't matter what name you put in there. If you've heard of them, I'm not them. 

Ah, but that is when it struck me. I'm not supposed to be them. I'm not called to where they were called to be. I'd say I am who I am, but that sounds blasphemous...or maybe a little like Popeye. You decide. 

But there is this. I am a unique voice. Just like the many unique voices I am a pastor to. I can't tell them that their unique voice matters and then not believe it myself. Oh doctor, heal yourself. 

My voice, compared to others in a worldly manner, may seem insignificant. But appearances can be deceiving. That's how insignificance works. It only makes you think you know what important is. 

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