Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Senah is Missing?!?

When my kids were younger, I did a myriad of silly things for the simple point of entertaining them. I did not think it would ever lead to harm. For instance, who knew you could lose your grip on their ankles just by spinning around? 

Just kidding. You don't have to contact the police. That never happened.

But my oldest is accusing me of emotional trauma. But perhaps you should hear my side of the story. Here's what happened....

I pulled out an old knee-length sock of mine, stuck my hand in and gave this homemade puppet a voice. When I saw how much delight he brought, I added eyes, a nose and a mouth using a marker. I named him Senah. If that sounds like a silly name, it will become clearer momentarily. 

My kids loved Senah and he would make frequent visits for the next several months. Eventually I moved on to other fantastic forms of entertainment. But every once in a while, Senah would be mentioned. Like last week. The kids were looking for him and thought they had found him. It was another sock puppet. (Apparently we have very limited forms of imagination around here.) 

Since this sock had eyes and a mouth drawn on it, and even ears glued to the sides, my kids questioned how I knew this wasn't Senah. I told them Senah had his name printed on his head. Then I showed them another one of my socks, right side up. They read it: Hanes. 

Two of my children gasped in horror, assuming I had done the worst thing imaginable. They told me that they thought Senah sounded like an odd name, but never questioned where I came up with it. Trust has apparently been broken because I never told them Senah was Hanes backwards. 

Meanwhile, the youngest just wants to know where the real Senah is at. 

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