Monday, March 24, 2014

Ministry Monday: New Does Not Equal Scary

I recently had a youth event where I still needed a few permission slips a couple days before we were to leave. I emailed a PDF copy of the form to those parents, reminding them I needed it filled out. Within 20 minutes, I had received signed copies back by email. Ah, technology.

Twenty years ago that would have been an afternoon running around with pen and paper. Not fun.

As I think about it, I love all the new tools. I love the information available to us via the internet. I love being able to provide lots of information via the internet. I enjoy using projectors and computers over an overhead projector. I like the fact that I can post pictures from an event on the same day the event took place rather than wait for a week for my film to come back. 

Rather than be scared of this new technology, we should embrace it. I'm guessing when running water became available in households, there weren't very many women arguing to still take a bucket to a well in order to get water. 

I am not saying we should simply trash everything we used to use. However, there is some very ugly, and very stained carpet, that needs to go in many churches. Providing sermons and sermon notes and resources online does not change the message, just the medium. 

But while we can embrace all the new tools afforded us, there is still one ancient we hold on to. The Ancient of Days, Jesus Himself, the Word who stood over the beginning of creation, never changes. His love and grace never change. His lordship in our lives never changes. 

We may sing some of the same songs. But let's not be afraid to plug in a guitar or two and let it rock. Don't be alarmed if a video reinforces a point. Jesus may just be smiling at how the church continues to be relevant. After all, we do have the only life-altering message people need to hear. 

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