Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Guy's Guide to God, Girls, and The Phone In Your Pocket

Well, I'd like to tell Jonathan McKee that he wrote this book about 20-25 years too late. But since we're about the same age, I suppose I can't hold that against him. But Guy's Guide to God, Girls, and The Phone In Your Pocket is a bold package of advice I could have used more of when I was a teenage guy.

I have read a lot of Jonathan' writing, from previous books to faithfully following his blog. If you're in youth ministry, or a parent of a teen, you should too. The subtitle to this gem is 101 Real-World Tips for Teenage Guys. He could have just as easily called it Tellin' It Like It Is!

McKee doesn't mince words when handing out this advice, nor should he. If men want to be treated like men, then they should stand up and hear the truth like men. Jonathan has written a book aimed at teenage guys and thought it through in doing so. Each chapter is short and has good questions to ask of yourself, or use in a small group setting. I don't think my 10-year old son is too young to begin considering these things in our father-son outings.

Each chapter includes a biblical reference for deeper thought. Because good advice should have a foundation, and I believe it does. This book is filled with practicals on how to treat (and attract) women, as well as advice on surviving a zombie apocalypse. Laugh now, but every boy scout knows it's better to be prepared.

Jonathan also offers deeper advice, such as the wisdom in planning ahead, making courageous decisions that require honesty and how to approach building your character. Good quality stuff from start to finish.

You can find this book on, but if you're connected to my youth ministry, you can bet I'm going to make some copies available.

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