Monday, March 31, 2014

There's Only One Important Brick

Ever look at a brick building and tried to find a brick in the middle that really mattered? I doubt it. That would be foolish.

And yet that is what we do with people every single day. We look for the person that we think will matter more than the rest of us. Good luck.

We look at actors, musicians, politicians, athletes. We look for them because we believe if they matter, perhaps we can hitch our cart to their wagon. Then, perhaps by proxy, we'll matter. Because of our connection to them, maybe someone will look at us and believe that we are significant.

Of course, we'll be wrong.

1 Peter 2 talks of us being living stones. If we matter, we matter together. We have a single task....together.

And you are living stones that God is building into his spiritual temple. ~1 Peter 2:5

Oh, and there actually is one brick that matters. It's found in the corner and it's called the cornerstone. Spiritually speaking that's Jesus. And anyone in construction will tell you the cornerstone is the most important. It begins the foundation. It sets the direction.

By being connected to the cornerstone, the One that really matters, we matter. Thats where we find our significance.

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