Friday, October 5, 2012


I just recently posted my 500th blog post. That's a lot of words. Of course, as I am known to do, this is actually post #502, so I'm a little late to my own party. I figured I'd commemorate with a few random thoughts.

  • How much cooler would the movie 300 had been if it were 500?
  • I remember, early on in my blogging, coming across a demotivational poster with a comment on blogs. It said, "Never has so much been read by so few." That's probably true.
  • I've often wondered if each blog post could be a small chapter in a book, a very random book. 
  • Would you buy that book?
  • 500 posts seems like it warrants some kind of sale. But until I write that book, I have nothing to sell. 
  • I have seen this blog go through some changes since its' humble beginnings. I imagine that is somewhat like when a mom and pop shop becomes self-sufficient. You might have thought I'd say it's like when a mom and pop shop becomes a Wal-mart. But let's be real. This blog is no supercenter. Plus, I have no greeters here. 

I've put a lot of work into this. Well, maybe not this post, but you know what I mean. Perhaps you could leave a comment with how many of the posts you think you've read.

Here's to the next 500!

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