Friday, October 19, 2012

Maybe They Don't Want Your Help

Warning: The following story took place long ago. I wouldn't tell a story like about our current church friends. That is, not without changing the names and some details to make it barely recognizable. 

But the story is true.

It's not like my wife to tell people how to live their lives. Unless, of course, she's married to them. For that lucky guy, it's a daily update of what he can do better. But long ago, while living in a very rural area and with us serving at a country church, she took a stab at being helpful.

It started out with a country ride home. Between our home and the church we would pass several of the homes of people in our church. And since good ol' Ed is probably not trolling around the world wide web, we'll go ahead and use his real name.

As I drove over the winding road, she would glance here and there. That was when she saw what she has never been able to un-see. It seems Ed would unwind by walking around his house in nothing but his tightey whiteys.

So the next time we were all at church together, my wife informed Ed just how visible he was at home. And that's when Ed informed my wife just how comfortable he was in his home. "If people don't want to see it, they shouldn't look in his window." It was reminiscent of when Kramer (of Seinfeld frame) reversed the peephole on his apartment door and declared, "Jerry, we're comfortable with ourselves. If people want to look in, we say enjoy the show."

To this day, my wife has never commented about underwear to another guy. So, what can we learn from this story?

  • When driving down country roads, it's best to just face forward.
  • Some farmers wear classic underwear, in classic colors and styles.
  • When offering help, realize that maybe people don't want help. 

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