Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rock Solid Faith Study Bible for Teens

Is there a way to decline an offer to review a Bible without saying that you hate baby Jesus? I couldn't think of one, so when my friends at Salem Publishing/YouthWorker Journal offered, I accepted.

The Rock Solid Faith Study Bible for Teens is just that. Rock. Solid.

The scriptures are there, in all of their NIV glory. But on top of that, there are plenty of features. Each book has an introduction, the back is filled with maps and there are lots of sidebar features. Principles and thoughts, examples and applications, this Bible has something for everyone.

And for the teen who doesn't know where to begin, there are various reading plans. If you were trying to create a study Bible that removes all the excuses before teens even use them, then this one is a great fit.

If you want a starting place to find this for your teens, check out this link.

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