Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Extreme Hoarders

This is a picture of my daughter's room. Well, not the whole room. It's the floor. You might wonder why that's such a big deal. Well, the floor in question had not been seen for months. I'd show you a before picture, but I'm trying to protect the innoc...er....the guil....uhh....my daughter.

The facts are actually in my daughter's favor. She's very artistic and crafty. She's a bit of a pack-rat because she believes she can make something. She doesn't always know what she'll make or how she'll use the stuff she has, but that's her point. You gotta have a lot of random items in order to make masterpieces.

It's only a problem when her parents decide they want rooms to be clean. Because the world has yet to make enough storage bins to hold everything my little girl believes she can use. But I take solace in knowing that her hoarding practices are actually quite biblical.

In 2 Chronicles 29 we find the account of King Hezekiah and the grand re-opening of the Temple. The people of Judah and the Temple had fallen on some hard times, at least in part because the "ancestors were unfaithful and did what was evil in the sight of the Lord our God." ~2 Chronicles 29:6. So King Hezekiah told the Levites to clean up, themselves and the Temple.

We're told it took them 8 days from the time they began to even reach the entryway of the Temple. Then it took another 8 days to clean out all the garbage. So my wife should probably be relieved when it only takes a Saturday afternoon to clean the girls' room.

Every time we clean out a child's room, we invariably find something that was 'lost'. It tends to happen when we allow stuff to build up. I can only imagine the items the Levites found in the Temple. It was probably a lot more than missing Legos and Barbie clothing.

I believe the same thing happens for us when we dust off our Bibles and rediscover the hidden treasures God has in store for us.

Sooo, time to get cleaning!

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