Wednesday, October 31, 2012

God First...Even When We Deviate

This week I deviated from my routine blogging schedule. Comment if you noticed. I did so because Bryan Allain gave me a book and asked that I post on a particular day. I'm sort of rules oriented, so I obliged.

After all, the book was about building a tribe. In my case, the tribe consists of you, my readers. Many of the points in the book caused me to think about the purpose of my blog. After all, I'm trying to build it, but why?

This train of thought has twists and turns, but it caused me to ask what I'm doing here. What do I want to give my community? What do I want in return?

Some of these answers are simple, but some are not. The simple truth is my blogging is a creative outlet of my ideas. But my ideas are born out of my relationships. The most important of those relationships is with my Savior and Friend, Jesus. I understand that may limit my community, but perhaps that is part of the inherent danger of my message.

Among the many random things I discuss, a central truth I keep returning to is the idea that our significance is only significant when connected to God. God comes first. Always.

I will continue to explore this topic. I hope you will continue to explore and spread this message with me.

But no matter if we find each other at the beginning of the week or somewhere in the middle, keep in mind I'm trying to keep God first.

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