Monday, October 15, 2012

God First, God Only

"In the beginning God..."

I enjoy seeking out the many scriptures that point out our second-to-God place in life. It's something I believe we should not only be okay with, but one we should cherish. But in the primary spot of all things sequential, we come across Genesis 1:1.

I was reminded of this verse as I discussed Creation Science and Evolution with my teens. We discussed dinosaurs, Darwin and those pesky little details like facts that science requires. All in all, it was a good time.

But beyond all the he said/she said of the very smart and elite is a God who assumes His own existence in His story. If it was anyone else, we might think them very assuming. But when you create everything, you get to skim by any detail You feel should be assumed.

God answers many questions in the Bible. Some answers we don't like. Some answers are hard to swallow. Some answers we'll have to wait on. But the question that is never asked is if God exists. God is present, from the very beginning of the story.

"In the beginning God..."

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