Monday, October 1, 2012

God First, Man Second: Random Thoughts

So I find it difficult to bash on Solomon. Despite the obvious character flaws he had, Solomon had that whole wisdom thing working for him. But while Proverbs is absolutely loaded, those other books he wrote don't often get preached on.

Now I'm not going to discuss Song of Songs because there's probably a post about my kids either right above or below this one. My kids don't need to be anywhere near that kind of stuff.

But Ecclesiastes? Now that's a different story. You can try to brush it under the rug, sugarcoat it or explain it, but that's when someone reminds you that Solomon was full of wisdom. So despite the discomfort of the subject matter, we're told to just accept it, instead of chalking Solomon up to a long line of angry old men who sometimes rambled on.

But what if God was serious when He told Isaiah that His thoughts were higher than our thoughts? What if that included Solomon?

I kind of think it did.

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