Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Body Double

This is not so much a fellow blogger's post, but a sermon illustration provided to me by one of the many newsletters I receive. Many of them I file away for a sermon yet to be prepared, but this one fit the main thrust of my blog, I wanted to share it directly with you. 

Matthew Eldridge has appeared in numerous high-profile movies, but you'll never see his face or hear his voice. That's because Eldridge serves as a "body double." Recently, for instance, his hands, feet, and body were used as stand-ins for the actor Jason Bateman in the film Identity Thief. But Eldridge doesn't mind that Batemen gets most of the attention and fame. Here's how Eldridge explained how he sees his role:
Bateman has become a household name, growing up a child star and moving on to lead roles in Arrested DevelopmentJunoHorrible Bosses, and others, but you've certainly never heard of me, Matthew Eldridge, though you may have seen my hands on screen. How many of us know the names of anyone behind the scenes in Hollywood? The directors or the directors of photography? Camera men? Great films rely not just on acting talent, but a team of talented individuals who work in lighting, gaffing, sound, special effects, painting, props, and so on. And that's just production.
While close to 100 crew members tirelessly work 15 hours a day so Jason Bateman can shine, they have an understanding that their work will be underappreciated and likely go unnoticed by those watching the show. But they do it anyway. Why? Because they love being a part of the creation process. There's something magical about creating something collectively larger than ourselves.
That's how it is in ministry. Ministries are built with the hands of capable individuals who may never receive recognition for the work they do …. They do what they do for the glory of God. Their satisfaction comes from knowing they help to build something beautiful for God's kingdom …. They are being the hands of Christ.

Matthew Eldridge, "The Hands of Jason Bateman and the Hands of Christ," Christianity Today (3-18-13)

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