Friday, April 19, 2013

Digital Manners

When reviewing a book such as Manners in a Digital World, I want to be careful not to be rude. But you may be, like I was, wondering who Emily Post is and why she gets to write about manners. That is, you'll be wondering that if you are among those born after 1960, the year Emily Post died.

But as you can find out here, Emily Post made a name for herself by writing books on etiquette. This book on digital manners takes that same spirit and brings it into our new digital age. Daniel writes about manners on all things internet, including social do's and don'ts with cell phones.

He tackles Facebook, Twitter and the myriad of dating websites. But he doesn't stop there. Daniel approaches large portions of this book for people who are, not to put anyone down, clueless. He walks people through the expectations, both for them and from them.

At points, this made the book a bit slow to work through. Overall, however, this is a good resource. Manners are an important detail in our world. It is what helps us get along. That has not changed, even though much of our interaction has moved from face-to-face to screens of all sizes.

Many thanks to my new friends at Open Road Media. You can check out more about them at You can also check them out at a few other places around the world wide web. Just be sure to use your manners when you do.

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If you would like to engage with Dan Post or any of the Emily Post team, you can do so here. 

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