Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I've had a series of rants recently, arguing for those much needed improvements in life, such as a new car horn that really communicates, stores that collect too much information and the study of ketchup. Yes, ketchup. Yes, it's the major things in life that motivate me.

Well, I've realized that there is a need for being thankful as well. And there are many things that people are overlooking. So, once again, I will raise the bar and go where others feel is a waste of time.

So, where to begin?

Since I've recently taken a couple of trips, my mind wandered to cruise control. 

Seriously, when I can drive for hours on end using less limbs than all those other poor saps out there on the highways. This also frees me to be less patient when that car with the inferior driver speeds up and then slows down and then speeds back up. They can look at me all they want with their irritation, but my cruise control is set. I'm a constant. I'm a rock. You, my friend, are the waffling driver, not knowing exactly how heavy you want your foot to be.

I can focus more energy on cruising the radio stations, since only the country stations appear to have strong signals. I could plug in my iPod, but I seem to have run out of DC connectors, due to the use of GPS and my kid's DVD players. Honestly, how did parents handle children and long car rides before this?

This also leaves me better ready to flee the vehicle, should the need arise. Consider this, would you rather have to sprint with a foot that has been used for hours or one that has been at rest?

If only we could come up with some technology to make it possible to drive hands-free, then I would be set.

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