Monday, April 8, 2013

Just Kill Me Now

There are many things that makes me less than thrilled with life. Dare I say there are times when death would seem like a welcome rest from life. Some of those times would include;
  • Snow days once Spring has officially begun.
  • When the 6-year old asks to play I Spy for the hundredth round while waiting for the wife to come out of the store.
  • Watching an entire season of My Little Ponies when that same 6-year old is sick.
  • Actually, watching any of the number of TV shows made to entertain children.
Thanks to over-acting and and a seemingly endless supply of money funding these child actors, I have several times uttered, 'Just kill me now.'

Numbers 11:15 tells us of a time when Moses asks to be killed if he has found favor in God's eyes. It seems like an unusual request of someone who likes you.

Moses: Hey God, You're my friend, right?
God: I Am.
Moses: Well, then could You just off me? Seriously, and make it quick and painless please.

I've asked God for some pretty crazy things, but I'm not prone to testing my faith by asking God to end my life. But Moses' reason was so that he would not come to ruin. Moses was so concerned about living a pleasing life in God's eyes that he was willing to go out early. Sort of end the party before it goes bad. 

If we want the God-life, we must be crucified in Christ. Left to our own will, we will be ruined. That would not be pretty. Of course, understand that sacrificing your self for the sake of Christ living in and through you could become quite messy as well.

So God, if I have found favor, kill anything within me that doesn't reflect you.

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