Thursday, April 4, 2013

What It Isn't

Every once in a while, it is good to review your purpose. Here is a post from last year where I defined what I was focused on.

 I started talking about the purpose of insignificance and this blog and how I can both achieve and fail at my goal of finding insignificance by building a bigger platform for this blog.

And I was just about to sell you on joining me in this journey when I decided you'd read enough of my words for one day. So here we are now, and you're ready for some more words. Words of what? I'm not sure yet. I'll write some words, you read them. Then you can decide and tell me what kind of words they are. Then, if necessary, I'll cry myself to sleep.

If I told you I was on a journey for some big treasure, you might wonder what kind of treasure. You might ask me questions about how long the journey would be, what we need to take along, or if I'd been watching too manyPirates movies. These would all be great questions.

But I'm going to start by telling you what insignificance isn't.

Insignificance is not obscurity.
This might be a huge load off of your mind. After all, you may already feel invisible to many people. You may not want to be the life of the party, but it's not like you don't wish to be invited either.

Insignificance is not being worthless.
There's already enough voices in your world, trying to weigh your worth. Whether you are at your job or at school, with friends or with smurfs (who am I to judge?), or listening to voices of knowledge or just the voices inside your head; you should never equate being insignificant with being worthless. Totally. Different.

Insignificance is not lacking purpose.
I'm not going to go all Rick Warren on you and give you 5 purposes in 40 days or anything like that. But don't be fooled into thinking that when I say I want to pursue insignificance it means I want to crawl into my man-cave and spend all my time playing video games and eating pizza. My job as a youth pastor can give enough of those opportunities...sort of, but not really.

Well, I would like to start sitting back in my chair, gaze into your soul and ask you if you're ready to journey with me. You might be thinking that it's nice to know what insignificance isn't, but it'd be even better to know what it is. Touche, my friend, I am one step ahead of you. Or, at least, next Tuesday's post is one step ahead of you.

If you've been searching for insignificance as well, what else would you say it isn't?

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