Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Copy Cat

Copy Cat

Remember when your brother or sister would copy everything thing you said or did. That was annoying. Especially when you had the sister that didn't mind copying you even when you said things like, "I'm a big dork." 

But there's no stopping a person from copying you when they are a 6-year old and they are unafraid to say anything and willing to laugh their way through anything you come up with. My daughter did this to me the other night. It was actually kind of fun.

She said she was a silly girl.
She said she like smelling her own farts.
She may have even picked her nose. 

Yeah, I'm a bit extreme in playing with my children. She wanted to copy me. She copied me even when I said, "Stop copying me." So I went for self-deprecation. It didn't work. 6-year olds have no pride. 

But God asked to be copied. 

Ephesians 5:1 tells us to be imitators of God. He doesn't get annoyed by it. He doesn't ask us to do stuff that is pointless. It may make us feel silly or awkward at points, but imitating God is always for a purpose. 

When little kids, annoying sisters, or other socially awkward people mimic others, it is to get a laugh. When we imitate God, it is to live the life. 

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