Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Windows 8 and The Pew With My Name On It

Recently I got a new computer. New! That's exciting, but it comes with a cost. I'm not talking about the price tag. I don't know about you, but the process of transferring everything from one computer to another can be tedious. 

For starters, you got a new computer most likely because the old one wasn't working well or it was working about the speed of a 1950's secretary who didn't know shorthand. Now that it knows you're replacing it, what makes anyone think it will transfer files with any proficiency at all?

When you finally get the new computer on, you suffer from what can only be described as a first-world problem. It seems our good friend Billy Gates has decided the latest operating software was working too well, so he decided to make a new one. In this case, that was Windows 8. 

Hooray, change!

When it comes to computers, though, I don't fear much change. Just show me where I can find Minesweeper and I should be okay. 

But we have a lot of areas in life where change scares us. Just think about your opinion on the following:

·         When your grocery store rearranges where they put everything.
·         When somebody decides to remake your favorite classic song.
·         Writing the new year as you date your checks.
·         Realizing that many people don't even write checks anymore. 
·         Any Facebook update.
·         When someone sits in the pew with your name on it.
That's right; it infects the Church as well. From updating classic hymns to rock choruses and tweaking the worship schedule to changing the color of the carpet, we just don't adapt very quickly. 

This is too bad. After all, God has been quoted as saying He is doing a new thing. (Isaiah 43:18-19) And what else is like the call to follow Christ, changing from our former way of living to a new standard? (Acts 14:14-16) 

We should get used to change. The fact that things change seems to be the only thing that doesn't change. As Christians who look forward to a new home in Heaven, we should be comfortable thinking about change. After all, if Heaven is like Earth, I'm not sure what we’re looking forward to. 

So, Windows 8 has removed the start button entirely? Bring it on. I can't find the cheese slices anymore at my grocery store? That's okay. Mark Zuckerberg has changed the entire Facebook website? No problem. Someone new has sat in my pew? It's probably time I made a new friend.

I am ready to be rattled. The God who made everything and is remaking everything will still be around to help me. At least God stays the same. 

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