Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I Wish It Would Be Less Ironic

Last year I was travelling to a conference. The whole six hour drive was mostly uneventful. I had audiobooks and an iPod full of music, my cruise control and very little traffic. So I would listen to authors read their book and then rock out to some chick rock for a while. Yeah, I can admit it.

Hard Rain

About 20 minutes before I arrived at the conference center, the sky opened up and it rained hard. Ironically, I was jamming to Phil Collins. Of all the songs I enjoy by him, the song playing was I Wish It Would Rain Down.

I guess I got my wish.

It struck me that listening to a song wishing for rain, while driving in the rain, is like continuing to ask for blessings from God while being blessed. It's ironic.

I habitually pray for safety, while living in a world behind locked doors. I pray for peace and rest, in my life of leisure. I pray for God to provide, while having seconds of my favorite meal. I ask for more in a world that has everything I need or want everywhere I turn.

Perhaps we should spend a bit more time thanking God, instead of asking for more of what we already have.

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