Friday, January 18, 2013

Rick's Rants: Half the Evidence

I have begun a new series where I rage against the injustices in life that others simply won't get behind. While they are busy fighting things like world hunger and gun control, I'm going to reveal things that I think we could all agree on. So far, I've tackled the Christmas spirit and the Tooth Fairy. Today, I tackle sporting events.

From about November through February is one of my favorite times of year. It's not the snowy weather and lack of sunlight that I enjoy. But as long as I'm going to be stuck inside, I might as well enjoy some sporting events. My preference is turning to the NBA and the NFL. You can have your amateur athletes if you like, but I want my sports heroes to be overpaid babies who have all but forgotten the fundamentals of the game. 

But there's something worse than the athletes. It's the commentators. Specifically it's when the analysts start voting on the shot (or play) of the game with 8 minutes left in the game. I know its just an excuse to advertise a product, but perhaps the whole game should be played before we decide the shot of the game. 

Here's the shot of the game. It's almost like telling us that it's all missed lay ups and bad defense from here on out. Why would we do this? Would we do this in other areas of life? 

You wouldn't award the bite of the meal before you had dessert, would you? That would be silly. 
You wouldn't hand out student of the year after the first week of school. 
You shouldn't discuss a book's worth after reading only the first couple of chapters. 

It's like life. The whole story has not been told. The last shot hasn't been taken. The last paragraph hasn't been written. 

It's not over just yet. Don't make any decisions on a matter when there is still time left on the clock.

Who's with me?

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