Thursday, January 24, 2013

Insignificant Control

Maniacal Laughter!

I don't know if you could hear my maniacal laughter. It was just last week....on Thursday, I believe. It was in the evening sometime.

It wasn't the deep and throaty laughter, like the archnemesis of Inspector Gadget, Doctor Claw. Although there was a cat nearby.

It also wasn't high and crackly, like some sort of evil stereo-typical witch.

It was the kind you'd write out like bwa-ha-ha! Can you hear that? Do you want to know why I was laughing? I guess, even if you said no, you can't stop me from answering.


I was laughing at my complete and total control to write whatever nonsense blather I so desire on this blog. Some of you are assuming that's what I've been doing. Perhaps, but I digress. I don't co-write this with anyone, so when it comes to creative decision making, there is a committee of one.

If I want to write about ducks, I write about ducks. (You can search, but I don't think I've written about ducks.) Onions, religion, cupcakes, The Office, or scary facial hair on women. The gamut is wide open. I can write anything and nobody can stop me.


You, of course, have total control over whether or not you will subject yourself to what I write. So my maniacal laughter died down fairly quickly once I realized how insignificant my control was. You have equal yet opposite control. So, basically, none of us can really accomplish all that much. At least, not on our own.

The sooner we realize how much we need one another, the better off we will be. So tell me, what area do you feel you have total control over? Where do you have no control?

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